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Our Address:

1/9 Kareela Street
Mordialloc, VIC 3195

Opening Hours:

Our online store is currently closed, we will reopen again on the 6th February.

Friday – Sunday ~ 10am – 4pm
Other days – By appointment only

We are Güras Cacao

Our delicate hand-made Vegan chocolates have been inspired by beautiful moments, nature and the elements of Mother Earth. Showcasing her beauty through chocolate art pieces for your pleasure.

Each chocolate piece is created as a celebration of natures beauty and a way to connect to it through our senses; taste, smell, sight, touch and sound.

Chocolate making is an art form and each Güras Cacao chocolate has been designed to evoke an emotion and feeling of delight. The journey begins with the sight of the bright and beautifully decorated chocolate, invoking a sense of excitement. Each hand-made chocolate has a scent that is powerful and wakes the tastebuds with a desire for taste.

As you take your first bite of Güras Cacao chocolate, you are transported to a place of divinity and celebration of life through natures produce as you enjoy the combination of earths offerings that have been specially crafted into a bite-sized treat for you to enjoy and share with your loved ones.


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Happy New Year! Our online store is currently closed,
we will reopen again on the 6th February.

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