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Gourmet Chocolate Proudly made in Melbourne

Welcome to the world of artisan chocolate!

Güras Cacao Chocolaterie is a celebration of chocolate with rich flavours, textures and designs perfect for yourself, to give as a gift, for your events or celebrations, and for corporate gifting.

Chocolate, once a highly prized possession by kings and aristocrats and once used as a currency, is truly an experience that brings everyone together.

Exceptional with every bite, Güras Cacao offers premium artisanal chocolate that is sure to make everyone happy!

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All Güras Cacao chocolates are made with the highest quality seasonal ingredients.

We create sustainable and environmentally mindful chocolate that is made with only plant-based ingredients, and all of our chocolates are dairy-free.

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Our mission is simple. We want to share love and worthiness through our chocolates and take care of the planet at the same time. It’s all about giving and spreading joy, positivity and love.

Güras Cacao’s goal is to provide you with an unforgettable and peaceful experience that inspires you to believe, “You are enough.”

How Güras Cacao Started​

The Güras Cacao’s logo was inspired by the Rhododendron flower, which our chocolatier Samrat first saw on a trek in the Himalayas in Nepal. He caught a glimpse of the beautiful flower amongst some of the most grueling and freezing terrains of the mountains, over 1,400 meters above sea level, and was inspired by its resilience and delicate beauty.

That journey and experience was the inspiration behind Güras Cacao – a  goal to create beautiful and delicious chocolate with unique and natural ingredients.

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Meet your
Güras Cacao
head chocolatier

Inspired by life’s moments of beauty, a divine connection with nature, and the experiences of his own spiritual and food journey, Samrat Karki has forged a chocolate brand that is as unique and true to his own experiences in Güras Cacao.

Güras Cacao is more than a chocolate brand, it is a journey for the senses. Samrat’s unique offering is derived from a deep connection with the soul and consciousness that is designed to take you on a journey with each bite of chocolate. Samrat’s dedication to creating bursting flavours that are reminiscent of seasons, childhood memories and evoking happiness is instilled within Güras Cacao’s range of flavours that will surprise and delight you in a significant way.

From world-renown restaurant Chef to practiced Yogi and instructor, Samrat has experienced a unique relationship with food that has transcended to a resume that pays homage to his life’s work and Nepalese upbringing. He has a few notable notches to his career having had worked alongside a range of celebrated Chefs and industry juggernauts, including, John Lawson in Gordon Ramsay’s Maze restaurant, Matthew Butcher of Yugo and Mr & Mrs P in Melbourne, Kyle Doody of Mr Miyagi, Matt Forbes of Cobb Lane Bakery, and Pete Evan’s Little Hunter.

In a world that is constantly evolving and with people becoming more conscious about their contributions to the planet and their bodies, Güras Cacao stands grounded to its mantra to deliver quality plant-based and dairy-free gourmet chocolates that can be enjoyed guilt-free by all! Samrat has developed a range of chocolates in a unique and beautifully curated menu for Güras Cacao, with flavours including Pistachio, Espresso Martini, Earl Grey, Blood Orange & Chilli. Available within our New Range exclusive to Güras Cacao.

It is the combination of fearless passion and dedication that Samrat pours into every aspect of his life that is precisely revealed through his range of visually beautiful and delicious plant-based chocolate hand-made for you to share and enjoy!

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